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Define and implement sustainable development programs and international cooperation networks...


Integrating the consideration of environmental criteria with economic and social dimensions in the assessment of global performance, that is certainly the major challenge that needs to be addressed in order to ensure the sustainable development of aviation, transport and tourism .

While aeronautics and aviation represent tremendous opportunities for development, particularly for the less developed countries and regions, with important benefits for all sectors of transport and tourism, not forgetting the essential public service missions , surveillance and observation, assistance, rescue, emergency transport, evacuation, fire-fighting, relief and humanitarian assistance, we cannot ignore their pollution to the environment, noise level in the vicinity of aerodromes of course, but also in relation to the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the big consumption of fossil fuels.

With the growing awareness about the threats of climate change and the introduction of taxes on carbon emissions for all transport modes, environmental management is emerging as a key success factor in parallel with safety / security and quality.

At ATT management, we fully participate in an ethical and responsible approach, taking into account the challenges of today and looking towards the challenges of the future generations. We assist all stakeholders in the world of Aviation, Transport and Tourism world, through all phases of their development, in the integration of the objectives of sustainable development and solidarity for the planet, in the three dimensions, economic, social and environmental.

We support the authorities and communities in the development of their environmental management program, at political level, national and local, and for the development of regulations and overall activities aiming at reducing the impact of aviation, transport and tourism on the environment, in particular through the development of synergies and complementarities between the various modes of transport, optimization of airspace management systems, procedures, networks and infrastructures . In this context, we are following in particular all projects dealing with the optimisation of airspace and air traffic flow management through safer and more efficient trajectories en route and around aerodromes, with the reduction of aircraft noise and greenhouse gas emissions, and in general to encourage the emergence of new forms of propulsion as well as the development of any alternative means of transport or communication, more environmental-friendly.

In addition, we assist operators and infrastructure managers in the development and implementation of their environmental management system, in parallel with the safety, security and quality approach, in particular in the evaluation of new technologies, noise abatement systems and procedures and carbon footprint reduction, performance monitoring and fuel management.

Finally, we advise the various responsible leaders in the development of their policies and programs for sustainable and responsible development and cooperation, in relation to Aviation, Transport and Tourism.

ATT management, Give sustainable wings to your projects, safely and efficiently.