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Management Consulting, audit and training, technical expertise in Aviation, Transport and Tourism :
Innovation, Safety, Security, Quality, Environment and Sustainable Development
Business Development, International Cooperation


The twentieth century has been undoubtedly marked by the rise of the automobile and the explosion of transport made possible mainly by the development of the combustion engine and the massive use of petroleum resources.

Whether on two, three, four wheels, with wings, rotors or by the simple force of Archimedes as the wind blows, on land, on water or by the air, the modern world aspires to always more autonomy and freedom in its movements.

However, since some time now, a significant part of the existing infrastructure is already saturated, especially around major urban development poles, with heavy consequences for the overall efficiency of transport systems, but also for safety and quality of services and the environment.

Moreover, the awareness these late years of the real threats linked to the environmental protection and availability of energy for the planet compels us to reinvent our mobility schemes and our transport systems for the future through a global approach to sustainable and responsible development, with both imagination and pragmatism.

As major consumer of oil resources, generating significant noise pollution in the vicinity of aerodromes while emitting a lot of greehouse gases on the ground and in the atmosphere, air transport is of course particularly targeted.

Yet, aviation represents a particularly efficient means of transport, with low requirements in terms of infrastructure, which provides considerable support for development, in particular in terms of opening-up and development of the territory, especially with tourism, while assuring the capacity to intervene in all places and under alll weather conditions for any safety and public service missions.

The aerospace industry, which is a high-tech sector par excellence, is also grouping a large number of sectors of activity and highly qualified job skills, related notably to energy transition and also innovative materials, telecommunications, digital, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, earth science and environmental observation in particular.

Loyal to the memory and spirit of the pioneers who made possible the conquest of sky and space over the last centuries, we remain more than ever committed to continue to defend and promote the freedom to fly, travel, discover and visit the world and the universe, thanks to aviation, aeronautics and astronautics. This will only be possible with a full awareness of potentially harmful effects and by seeking to control them over time in a voluntary and responsible manner, particularly through technological innovation, education and knowledge sharing.

Credits : Terrafugia Inc. – Flying Whales SAS – Virgin Galactic

To assist you in making strategic decisions in a sector exposed to multiple challenges throughout the world and to support your teams in the development of your activities and in the implementation of your action programme or project, we propose a holistic approach built on the principles of excellence in management, systemic, safety, quality and sustainable development, at every level and for all areas.

In an increasingly competitive world, building the difference depends, first and foremost, on the ability to innovate, to create value on a sustainable and defendable basis, on the propensity to adapt, to meet the challenges, to seize the opportunities, to develop activities and new business, to recruit, to train and motivate teams, with the implementation of continuously optimized methods and tools.

Combining a comprehensive panel of expertise in all trades in Aviation, Transport and Tourism with a unique experience built on more than thirty-five years with passion for everything that can fly, we are offering to the public our network, our knowledge, our skills, motivation and imagination, to continue writing together the history of sky and space conquest, while respecting the imperatives of our planet preservation and sustainable development.

ATT management, independent Consulting, Engineering & Expertise Company

Our mission, to advise and assist the executive managers and the different stakeholders in elaborating and implementing their strategy dealing with all sectors in aviation, transport and tourism

  • Air operations : Airlines, air taxi, business aviation, emergency medical services, aerial work, Unmanned Air Services, civil protection and humanitarian aid, police, flying schools, aerial sports
  • Airworthiness : Aeronautical, engine and equipment manufacturers, navigation systems, simulation, maintenance organizations, vintage, amateur-built and kit aircraft, training
  • Infrastructure : airports & aerodromes, helipads, microlight / mountain / water airfields
  • Air Traffic Services, navigation, aeronautical information, meteorology, flight procedure design, search & rescue
  • Civil Aviation Authorities, territorial communities, travel agents, tourism and environment stakeholders

ATT Vision

ATT management, a reference partner serving all stakeholders, authorities, operators of any size, start-ups, in the sector of, or linked with civil aviation, fully committed to :

  • innovation & technology, numeric and energy transition, flight and navigation systems
  • best practices in management, excellence and agility
  • continuous improvement of safety, security and quality in all areas of aeronautics and civil aviation
  • overcoming the challenge of leading air transport and tourism on the path of sustainable and cooperative development for the planet
  • space conquest, travel and tourism

ATT Values

  • Aviation as a key factor for human development aiming at facilitating exchanges and bringing people together, while opening up new spaces for freedom and promoting a better understanding of different cultures all over the world
  • Safety as a core value at any time and for all levels
  • Respectful care for client, partners, staff, of dignity and human values under any circumstances
  • The integration of environmental concerns related to our planet, and in particular to the risk of climate change, in a perspective of sustainable and responsible development
  • Open-mindedness, creativity and technological innovation in all its forms


Graduate of HEC Executive MBA, both a pilot and an engineer in aeronautics as well. He has over thirty-five years of experience in the civil aviation world.

He has been serving as advisor to the Civil Aviation Directors of several European, African and Asian authorities, and within the industry, as VP Operations, VP Technical and Managing Director, of various airlines and flying schools in France. He began his career in 1980 as an operational manager in the Air Traffic Services at Paris-Orly Airport.

He has also carried out several missions in Africa and Asia, on behalf of ICAO and the European Union, under various cooperation programs to improve civil aviation safety oversight.